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About Valley Grading & Paving Inc.

Our Past

Valley Grading & Paving Inc was first founded in 1978 in Carmel Valley, California, and has since been running strong as a family-owned and operated, licensed, bonded, and insured contracting company. From the start, our owner has enjoyed immersing himself in the company by working first-hand on job sites and is proud to boast that he has never had a callback on completed works! He is passionate about his company and genuinely enjoys getting to know his customers while having the opportunity to work outside where all the action is!

Our Present

We currently specialize in several commercial and residential contracting services ranging from construction excavation such as trenching, boring, grading, paving, foundations, compacting, drilling, backfilling, and more! However, our professional contractors’ skill set doesn’t stop there; we are also experts in underground utilities such as water, gas, sewer, plumbing, septic, and electric. Our utility services are all-inclusive, meaning that not only do we do free estimates and system designing, but we also perform installations!

Our Future

Our mission is to always leave behind an extensive trail of satisfied clients. But to do this, we must continue to move forward. As a family-owned and operated residential and commercial contracting business, our goal is to extend our experience, reliability, and affordable pricing to many more clients who have yet to come, in an effort to reach all of those who require our services.