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Construction Excavating

Excavation services are an imperative element in all residential and commercial construction projects. Using excavation services, such as drilling, grading, leveling, and compacting, allows for the necessary job site prepping for efficient and structurally sound foundation installation and several other construction developments. These services also involve procedures such as trenching a job site to fabricate the necessary accommodations for utility lines such as water, gas, plumbing, and electrical services.

Services include:

✓ Grading
✓ Leveling
✓ Compacting
✓ Boring
✓ Drilling
✓ Trenching
✓ Backfill

Underground Utility

Underground utility services are often required for projects such as new local residential or commercial development. Not only does the excavation, trenching, and installation of these underground utilities need to be performed, but an experienced professional contractor must map and design these lines to connect and fit into pre-existing utility layout systems. Valley Grading & Paving is proud to offer free estimates, mapping and design, and installation of these water, gas, plumbing, sewage, septic, and electrical utility lines.

Services Include:

Water Lines ✓
Gas Lines ✓
Electrical Lines ✓
Plumbing Lines ✓
Sewage Lines ✓
Septic Lines ✓
Communications Lines ✓